Unique Adventures Await

What is Chilltown?

We are a community ran SMP server. We strive for a unique experience with new content added regularly throughout the server and always more in development.

The survival journey has been enhanced with custom mobs and armour sets, along with other custom items made to ensure there is always more to collect.

Explore a wide range of items to aid in your fights and exploration with custom enchantments and particles. Find and build rare sets of armor that give different abilities and the option to upgrade them to different levels.

The skeleton set found in the open world

The survival journey has been enhanced with custom mobs! Fight challenging and exciting monsters, scattered around the world. 

The Oni is a rare spirit, stealing life from others.

Our server offers specially developed plugins, made by our own staff team. Each feature is fine tuned to enhance the overall experience.

Claiming , Teleportation, Money and more quality of life features are some of the cool things you’ll find on the server.

Rule your own kingdom with the ability of owning multiple lands and claiming over 200 chunks in each, and create your own farms and shops!


  • Edit all your lands and claims via an huge menu
  • No commands needed
  • Invite players to your land or specific chunks

Easy to understand

  • You don’t need to struggle with annoying commands
  • Good and easy to understand concept

More info on how to get started here

Manage your land, Sub-areas, members, flags, roles etc

Our server makes the tedious task of woodcutting quite simple with the addition of the Auto Tree Feller Plugin.

The feature is toggleable with /ut toggle

As soon as you join the Chilltown community, you’ll automatically start earning time towards ranking up.


These ranks offer many bonuses and abilities that will make your survival experience and land ownership greater


Donator ranks are also available, providing even more perks. You can be lucky and find vouchers, or you can visit our store. 

Craft, find or trade your way to Spawner Pickaxes, used to mine spawners found throughout the world.

Enhance your base, build large mob spawners and farm their loot!

Our server offers the /rtp command so you can truly experience the survival adventure in a random spot on our lands


Level up your character in various skills, ranging from Acrobatics to herbalism, there’s a skill for you.


Compete with other players to earn your rank on the leaderboard!

The above-mentioned items are only some of Chilltowns cool features. There are many more to explore. Join the server and start your adventure!


We hang out on the Discord server, post announcements and run events. Definitely worth checking out.

Vote for our server and recieve rewards ingame.

Vote parties will give everyone online, some extra rewards.



Whether you’re curious about features, want to apply for staff, or having problems, we’re here to answer any questions.

Open a ticket on our Discord server.