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Java Edition, Latest version

How to join step by step

  1. Start Minecraft, click Multiplayer and click Add Server. There should be two boxes, Server Name and IP Address. Enter Chilltown in the Server Name box. Now type Play.Chilltown.eu in the Server Address box. Confirm your entries by clicking done.
  2. You will be taken back to the server list. The server should appear on it with green bars on the right.
  3. Click the server, click Join Server. You will be brought directly into Chilltown. If you are not, there is a list of common errors below to help you.

Possible Errors

Things will go wrong at some point, so here are some error messages and what they mean. These messages might appear when you click Join Server:


“Disconnected by server. Outdated server!” or “Disconnected by server. Outdated client!”

If Minecraft updated recently, you might get these error messages. They mean that you are running a different version than the server. You can only connect to servers with the same protocol version as your client. You can create a new profile in the launcher with the version the server is running or you can wait until we support the new version. This usually happens within a day of the release.


“You are banned from this server!”

Your username or your IP got banned from the server. To be un-banned from the server, you need to make a support ticket on our discord server, and appeal the ban. If you are also banned from our discord server, you are not eligible for a unban.


“Disconnected by Server. Invalid session (Try restarting your game)”

When you log in to Minecraft you get a session ID which the Mojang servers keeps track of. Only the one with the latest session ID for your account are allowed to join servers. Do as the message says and restart your game. You can’t join Chilltown if you use a cracked Minecraft launcher.


“Cannot resolve hostname”

This appears next to the list of servers. This means that there is no server with that name. Check you entered the correct ip and try again.


“End of stream”

This may happen if you try to connect too rapidly to a server; disconnect, wait a bit and try to reconnect, it should work.


“The authentication servers are currently down for maintenance.”

The server that Minecraft uses to check your session ID are currently down. You can check the current status at Mojangs Twitter


Are you still experiencing issues?

Join our Discord server and create a support ticket. Our team will gladly help you out!


We hang out on the Discord server, post announcements and run events. This is where we primarily are.
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