Setting A Nickname

Welcome to this guide on how to set a nickname and add colors to it on Chilltown. Customizing your nickname is a fun way to express yourself and stand out in the game. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of setting a nickname using the command /nick, and how to add colors to your nickname using Minecraft color codes, hex codes, and even color gradients. Whether you’re a seasoned Minecraft player or a newcomer, this guide will show you how to create a unique and colorful nickname that will make you stand out on the server. So, let’s get started!

The command #

To set your nickname, type the following command in the chat window:

/nick <nickname>

If you want your nickname to be “CoolPlayer123”, you would type:

/nick CoolPlayer123

Add color to your nickname (optional) #

If you want to add color to your nickname, you can use Minecraft color codes, hex codes or even spice it up by using a color gradient. Read below to find out how.

Using Minecraft Color codes #

Minecraft color codes start with the “&” symbol, followed by a color code to change the color of text. To use a Minecraft color code, simply type the ampersand symbol followed by the code you want to use in your text. The color codes work by modifying the text’s formatting properties, such as color, boldness, and italics.

It’s also possible to add multiple color codes to the same name. To use a color code or hex code in your nickname, simply add it before your nickname.

It’s important to note that Minecraft color codes only work in certain places, such as chat messages and signs. They don’t work in some areas, such as book and quills.

Default Minecraft Color Codes

Example 1:
To make your nickname “CoolPlayer123” in red, you would type:

/nick &cCoolPlayer123

The result would be CoolPlayer123

Example 2:
To make your nickname “CoolPlayer123” where “Cool” is red, “Player” is Green and “123” is Blue, you would type:

/nick &cCool&aPlayer&9123

The result would be CoolPlayer123

Using Hex Codes #

By using Hex codes to color your name, you have a lot more colors to choose from. The format to use hex codes is very simple.

To find and pick the color you like, you can use:


There is an option to insert the color code into the chat by left-clicking. This provides the matching color name for ease of use.


There are 3 formats you can use:

  1. {#964b00} which will make the text brown
  2. {#60c} which will make the text purple
  3. {#Fuchsia_Pink} which will make the text Fuchsia Pink

Example 1:

To make your name CoolPlayer123 in the hex color #337AFF, you would type:

/nick {#337AFF}CoolPlayer123 

The result would be CoolPlayer123

Example 2:

To make your name CoolPlayer123, where the “Cool” is the hex color #337AFF and “Player123” is the hex color #33FF8D, you would type:

/nick {#337AFF}Cool{#33FF8D}Player123 

The result would be CoolPlayer123

Using Color Gradients

Another way you can add a unique twist to your nickname, is by using color gradients.
Text can be automatically colorized with a gradient if you add extra variables to the color code.

The starting hex color of a gradient needs to have a > after the code, which will indicate that the text following should have a gradient starting from the given color.

The ending hex color code should contain a <

Optionally, you can also add extra color codes inside the gradient to make a transition between multiple colors. This can be indicated by adding a <> after the color code.

Example 1:

{#red>}Some random text which changes{#corn<}

Will look like this:

Example 2:

{#red>}Some random text {#green<>}which changes{#blue<}

Will look like this:

Color gradients will work in the same places that regular hex codes work. Keep in mind that due to the way Minecraft processes color codes and text formats, it may not always be possible to have gradients and text with formatting. For example, bold or italics.

Enjoy your new nickname #

Once you’ve set your nickname, it will be visible to other players on the server. Enjoy your new nickname and have fun on Chilltown!

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